1)Child Labour; 2)training of union's members and union´s women; 3)supporting F-SYNTER orphans

published 1 August 2015 updated 1 August 2015

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Host organizations
Cooperating organizations
Project Fair Childhood: F-SYNTER and SYNTAS; others F-SYNTER only
Burkina Faso
Start date
1 August 2015
End date
1 August 2021
support of F-SYNTER orphans;Child Labour;Education for All;Gender;Quality Teaching;Status of Teachers;Union unity;Vocational Education and Training;Young Members and Early-stage Teachers;

1)Fair Childhood from 2015 to 2021: identifying 115 children in child labour and traffic in 2 regions of Burkina.Giving them school education or vocational training (car and motorbike mechanic, hairdresser,welder) Contacting and supporting parents and repatriating children into their communities. 2)F-SYNTER: training of (new) members in the country and annual women's congress.( topics above) 3) Supporting 43 F-SYNTER orphans with school fees in Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso


1) highlighting the problem of child labour with teachers and the public and taking a number of children out of worst child labour. 2) creating qualified union members and mobilising and training women. 3) Helping F-SYNTER to look after children of former and passed away Synter members to help them have a proper education.


1) Identifying children, choosing proper locations and looking after children and parents. Writing 2 reports per year to fc. keeping documentations of each child..Work was done by F-SYNTER teachers with no charges. 2) assemblies of union teachers in different parts of the country with different topics (s.a.). F-SYNTER women teachers from everywhere in the country were invited to participate at a women's congress every year ( 10 times up to now) 3) Treasurer of F-SYNTER chose concerned families and distributed money


1) 115 children in education or vocational training 2) a large increase in F-SYNTER's union members. especially young men and women; F-SYNTER a strong and well-known union. Development of women's work: in the last 10 years a lot of (young) women have been mobilized and become F-SYNTER members. The number of participating women at the women's congress must be limited now, because too many are interested.(too expensive!)

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