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published 12 April 2019 updated 12 April 2019

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Host organizations
Syndicat national des enseignants africains du Burkina (SNEA-B) and Syndicat national des enseignants du secondaire et du supérieur (SNESS)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Burkina Faso
Start date
12 April 2019
End date
30 June 2020
Gender;Organizing, recruiting;Young Members and Early-stage Teachers;

A maximum of 50 participants from all levels of both unions will participate in a 3-day workshop on leadership. Specific areas that will be included in this workshop are general leadership training (plus specific sessions for women and young members) and the history of unionism.


After this activity, participants, especially women and young members, will be able to better: - assert their role as members of their union - mobilize and recruit union members - improve the managerial competence of decentralized governing structures