Regional TAG Workshop Planning and Printing of Materials: Teso Region

published 1 May 2019 updated 1 May 2019

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Host organizations
Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Start date
1 May 2019
End date
30 April 2020

Up to 25 people directly related to the delivery of the Regional workshop will meet to determine the activities and agenda for the Regional TAG workshop; to identify any training materials to be obtained that pertain specifically to this Region and the schools involved; to develop a plan and delegate responsibilities in printing and obtaining materials, inviting participants and presenters, arranging for transportation and all other arrangements and preparations necessary for the delivery of the workshop.


The purpose of this planning meeting is to prepare for the delivery of specific TAG workshops designed for schools in communities that have been mobilized as part of the UNATU’s “Teachers’ Action for Learning”. The expected outcomes are: planning for the Regional TAG workshops are complete; all materials for each workshop are printed and obtained.


A planning meeting