Local TAG Sensitization meetings

published 1 May 2019 updated 1 May 2019

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Host organizations
Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Start date
1 May 2019
End date
30 April 2020
Community mobilization;Gender;

One one-day meeting will be held in each of two communities to be identified. The meetings will be attended by the local leadership, business persons, opinion leaders, and area Members of Parliament in order to propose solutions and make plans to address gender-related issues surrounding market days, early marriages, safe passage to school, situations affecting teacher and learner absenteeism, and other such issues.


This output supports the UNATU objective “to mobilise school communities to support the education of girl-children to enrol, stay in school and complete elementary school”. While Community Mobilization mobilizes communities in support of their schools, the TAG Sensitization Meetings are intended to sensitize local communities, officials and politicians about specific issues and situations which have a direct effect on gender equality and girls’ schooling.