FTU & FTA International Women’s Day Celebration

published 8 March 2019 updated 8 March 2019

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Host organizations
Fiji Teachers Union (FTU) and Fijian Teachers Association (FTA) - Fiji
Cooperating organizations
Fiji - COPE (Pacific)
Start date
8 March 2019
End date
8 March 2019
Education for All;Gender;

An important role of COPE is supporting and strengthening the voice of women education unionists in the Pacific. The IWD provided a platform for teacher union women’s wing to stand up for their right and raise their concern. COPE provided financial assistance to FTA and FTU to organise and celebrate IWD at a national level.


Advocate for CEDAW

Raise concern and challenges face by:

  • women teachers,
  • women in leadership role
  • women who are physically challenged and
  • all women in Fiji

Presentations and panel discussions


The program enabled FTA and FTU to honour the courage and the struggles of women in their union and in Fiji, who have broken all barriers and reached the pinnacle of success in every sphere of life.

It provided a platform for the voices of many women that go unheard and who continue to be dominated and denied from securing their rights and realizing their full potential.

Today, women in Fiji are actively participating in politics, education, social work, corporate, sports, IT, research & development, innovation and diverse fields, and have left their footprints. The IWD occasion helped the two unions in advocating for their rights and power of women and giving them a stature that they deserve and continue to work together to build a strong network.