NTAL - strenghtenning the union and fighting againt privatization

published 1 August 2019 updated 1 August 2019

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Host organizations
NTAL Liberia
Cooperating organizations
CTF Canada, DLF Denmark, UEN Norway, Lärarförbundet Sweden
Start date
1 August 2019
End date
31 December 2020
Communication;Human and Trade Union Rights;Organizing, recruiting;Privatisation and Commercialisation;Social dialogue;

The Liberia Consortium made of EI, CTF Canada, DLF Denmark, UEN Norway and Läraförbundet Sweden supports NTAL's efforts to become stronger and to fight against privatization and commercialization of education.


The first goal is to make the union stronger by improving the internal management, training union's representatives, better communicating, collecting more dues. The second goal is to set up a campaign against privatization by leading a coalition made of various associations and mixing communication/advocacy and union action.


Workshops with NTAL leadership, NTAL representative in the regions. Seminars with partners of civil society Meetings with officials.


Ongoing project