COP26 | Climate Action Day

published 3 November 2021 updated 4 November 2021

Climate Action Day is a live, online event produced by Take Action Global, that serves as the culminating celebration of the Climate Action Project, a six-week initiative involving 2.7 million people across 145 countries.

Watch the event below!

During the event, students and teachers will present questions to speakers and will showcase potential solutions for climate change. Schools and classrooms will be recognized for their efforts, announcing the top 20 schools who recorded efforts for climate action through the EarthProject app and the 250 winners of the Climate Action Project Schools of Excellence Award, in partnership with Cartoon Network.

The occasion will also commemorate the 50th anniversary of the UN Environment Programme, reiterating the important role young people play in the future of environmental science, policy and action.

Speakers include HRH Prince William, Former President James Michel from Republic of Seychelles, HRH Princess Esmeralda, Matt Larsen-Daw from WWF, Rick Davis from NASA, author Georgina Stevens, youth activists Elizabeth Wathuti (Kenya), Kaossara Sani (Togo) and Martina Fjällberg (Sweden), and many more.