Education in climate policies: Are countries in North Africa and the Middle East making the grade?

Official side event | Middle East and North Africa Climate Week 2022

published 31 March 2022 updated 2 May 2022

Which countries are prioritising quality climate education for all? On March 31st, Education International presented our analysis of the extent to which education is included in MENA countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

This side event of the Middle East and North Africa Climate Week 2022 discussed the role of education in the fight against the climate crisis and included a dialogue about how countries can step up their climate education ambition.

Analysis of newly submitted NDCs globally shows that despite the urgency of the climate crisis, countries around the world are failing to make the grade on climate education, a fundamental component of a sustainable future and a commitment made in Article 12 of the Paris Agreement, Article 6 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) work programme.

How do countries in the MENA region compare to the rest of the world on 6 criteria: policy ambition, pervasiveness, inclusiveness, quality, climate justice and system strengthening? Are their NDCs recognising the role of key stakeholders such as teachers and students when it comes to including education in climate policies and ensuring quality climate education for all? What can be learnt from countries that scored relatively high on the EI climate education report card?

This session explored these questions through an interactive online side event that highlighted the importance of harnessing the transformative, yet under-recognised role of education in addressing climate change.

Speakers included:

  • Hassan Ahmad, President, Independent Teachers Union of Egypt (ISTT), Egypt and ACCRS Committee
  • Abdulawahed Hajji, President, Kurdistan Teacher Union (KTU), Iraq.
  • Loay Naser, International Relations Secretary, General Union of Workers in Teaching (GUWT), Jordan.
  • Christina Kwauk, researcher, Kwauk & Associates.

Watch the event below:

  • With interpretation in English:
  • With interpretation in Arabic: