Cooperation Projects

Global response action on privatisation and commercialisation of education in Ghana

Implementing Country


Capacity building in action points and strong advocacy amongst key stakeholders.


  • Strengthening our advocacy at the regional levels through development of communication strategies for our regional and district union leaders to enable carry out the advocacy at their respective levels.
  • Continue to build alliance with civil society organizations led by Ghana National Education campaign Coalition (GNEC) enhance our support base.
  • Developing, strengthening and implementing necessary social dialogue with government on financing frameworks as a response and protection from the negative impact of privatisation. This includes progressive national tax reforms to enable states to act more effectively and invest more in public education 
  • Evaluate levels of success against campaign objectives achieved through the implementation of national action plans.


Activities 2022

  • Organize national stakeholder engagement to deliberate on ways of improving equity and quality at the pre-tertiary level especially basic schools by increasing funding for the sector to mitigate resource contraints affecting equity and quality.
  • Commision impact assessment research in areas where campaign activities have been carried out in previous years by a research firm/fellow.
  • Build the capacity of union leaders in two regions (Volta and Eastern) to understand the issues on privatization and commercialization of public education.
2021 – 2023
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