Global education union movement mourns Aloysius Matthews and celebrates his legacy

published 18 July 2022 updated 25 July 2022

Aloysius Matthews passed away peacefully on July 18, 2022. He was the Chief Regional Coordinator of the Education International Asia Pacific Region from 1996 to 2013. He was also the founding General Secretary of the National Union of the Teaching Profession, Malaysia and Regional Fund Manager for the Civil Society Education Fund between 2009 and 2017.

“Aloysius was one of Education International’s architects of the possible, a defender of the marginalized, a promoter of education for all and a steady, organized, and unstoppable force for union rights and solidarity. He was a pillar of our movement in the region and beyond. I will always be grateful for his thoughtful counsel and wisdom. He will be long missed and remembered.”

David Edwards | Education International General Secretary

Aloysius took over the position of Chief Regional Coordinator at a time when Education International was still in its formative years and played a vital role in strengthening the global union federation in the region and beyond. Throughout his life as a dedicated educator and unionist, he strived for quality education for all, the empowerment of women, the eradication of child labour, and improving the economic, professional, and social status of educators everywhere and particularly in developing countries.

He is survived by daughter, Lisa and son, Lawrence.

“Our deepest condolences to his family and to everyone in Education International who has known and worked with Mr. Matthews.”

Anand Singh | Regional Director | Education International Asia Pacific