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Promoting social dialogue to eradicate child labour and strengthen quality education provisions in Morocco

Implementing Country


The SNE FDT is developing a child labour free zone in the rural commune of Laawamra (Larache province). 5 schools have been selected to be part of the project.

In this region, agriculture is the main forms of child labour that prevent children from attending school. Girls are also sent to work as domestic workers in the cities at a young age.


  • To change the social norm about child labour and make education desirable and relevant in Laawamra.
  • To increase school attendance and move towards a zone increasingly free of child labour, with a specific focus on girls education and gender equality.
  • To include local authorities, including the local education authorities, at every stage of implementation of the project, in order to ensure its sustainability and to strengthen the social dialogue.
  • To strenghten the education union.


Throughout the project period (2019-2020), the SNE FDT is:

  • Organizing 7 training workshops for 25 teachers + 5 members of a local SNE FDT monitoring committee, on children rights, child labour and their role in the struggle against child labour.
  • Helping the selected schools to be more attractive: by facilitating extracurricular activities (theatre, painting, gardening) and ophthalmologic consultations as well as provision of glasses to the most needy pupils in the selected zone.
  • Lobbying to improve local school infrastructures and for the enforcement of Moroccan laws and international conventions on child labour.
  • Using the radio and television to sensitize at national level on child labour.
2019 – 2020
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