Education at a Glance: Addressing the need to build a more effective and equitable education system.

Launch of the OECD's Education at a Glance 2022

published 4 October 2022 updated 4 October 2022

Education at a Glance2022, an annual report published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD), that summarises the available education data of the OECD member countries and partner countries, was released in Paris on October 3.

This year the main focus is on tertiary education while, also analysing the impact of Covid-19 on education policies in 2021 and 2022. The OECD report also emphasises the comparative education funding between countries and early childhood education.

Some of the relevant points mentioned in the Education at a Glance report are:

  • Only three countries reported mainstreaming all four aspects of the SDG 4.7.1 on Global Citizenship Education and Education for Sustainable Development which includes policies, curricula, teacher education, and assessment, (Brazil, France, and Spain). Countries have reported that this is not included in the teacher training curriculum.

  • Salaries of teachers’ school principals are substantially higher than those of teachers at pre-primary, primary and general secondary level. In fact, Teachers' actual salaries are 4-14% lower than the average earnings of other tertiary educated workers.

  • The average shares of public and private expenditure on educational institutions have tended to be relatively stable although it is growing at a slow pace. Increases were observed in almost half of OECD countries while Chile showed the greatest decline.

Although there has been progress in the last few years, the OECD report noted that there are many indicators that need to be worked on and strengthened. The indicators in the report addressed the need for a wider range of support and how to monitor countries and their schools. Countries should respond to education issues and ensure that they are on the top of national policy agendas.

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