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Nordplus Horizontal 2020: Sustainable ecosystems of mentoring for newly qualified teachers

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The goal for our previous project was to establish a Nordic cross-sectoral network to develop systems for induction and mentoring for newly qualified teachers in the Nordic countries. A summit was organise successfully in 2019. It indicated that shortage of teachers, teacher retention and (lack of) support for new teachers are challenges faced by all Nordic countries. While the results were promising, there is still much to do. We now wish to disseminate the results, widen the focus and include new partners.

The current project is coordinated by the University of South-Eastern Norway. Participating partners are universities and teacher unions from Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Estonia.

The project will analyse how mentoring can find its ‘ecological niche’ (or not) in the respective educational ecosystems, drawing on the dissemination of research and development work of the previous project. We will develop models for collaboration between trade unions and researchers.


The key activities in this project (which corresponds with Nordplus' general aims and specifically with Nordplus Horizontals list of activities that can be supported listed at p.57 in the Handbook) will be:

  1. A Nordic anthology about ecosystems of mentoring NQTs.
  2. A comparative review of the working conditions in terms of agreements and legislation for NQTs in the different Nordic countries.
  3. Organising symposia in international research conferences.
  4. Organising a Nordic summit to follow up the first Nordic summit in Iceland 2019.
  5. Annual workshop/seminar for the participants of the project.
  6. “The Nordic Roadshow for Induction and Mentoring.


  • Conferences
  • Dissemination of results/publications
  • Establishment of network for further cooperation
  • Seminars and/or workshops


The partners plan to publish an Open access anthology, "Nordic perspectives on induction and mentoring", where different models for sustainable systems for mentoring NQTs based on shared research and experiences will be explored. This should benefit the Nordic identity of how to construct frameworks for teacher education as a continuum into the profession and lifelong learning.

We will also produce written material in different forms related to our findings and results about good mentoring practices in the Nordic/Baltic countries.

The partners will greatly benefit from the collaboration through their increased knowledge and insight into the Nordic/Baltic countries practices and policies, taking back this knowledge to their education institutions and their unions. This will benefit the teacher educations, teacher unions, organisations, policymakers, stakeholders, new teachers and ultimately - the children, students and society as a whole.

2020 – 2023
5 Implementing Organizations
Denmark Estonia Finland Iceland Sweden
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