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Orientation of the National Executive Committee (NEC)

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The programme will help the new leaders of the union to undertake their functions effectively, and to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective delivery of the union’s services. As the NEC members are coming into their leadership positions for the first time, and it is expected that they will, in turn, orient the regional, branch, and local levels of the union to ensure efficiency.

Workshop topics include, among others, the history of unionism in Zambia, roles and functions of the NEC, collective bargaining, grievances, international and local relationships & partnerships, the ZNUT constitution, financial literacy, and the sustainability of labour movements in current contexts.


General objectives of the programme:

  • NEC members will understand their roles and functions, acquire appropriate leadership skills, and acquire negotiations skills in the area of collective bargaining.

Specific objectives:

  • The national leadership will be able to organize the union at all levels, effectively involve women and youth in union activities at all levels of the organization, communicate effectively at the local, regional, national and international levels, and negotiate effectively with the government.



  • Capacity-building will occur at the provincial, district, and school levels.
  • Using the cascade model, all teacher members will have the same skills and knowledge related to teaching, learning, and trade unionism.
  • Both men and women members will work as partners, and women will be encouraged to take up leadership positions.
  • More women and youth will become involved in union activities, which will in turn strengthen the union.
  • The union will work towards harmony in all places of work, which will help facilitate effective teaching and learning in all learning institutions.
  • The workshop will assist the union in having an education workforce with increased knowledge and skills, which will in turn help the government to achieve its educational objectives, as the teachers will support these objectives.
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