Libya: Solidarity Statement Following Deadly Floods

published 13 September 2023 updated 22 March 2024

We stand together, united in grief and hope, as we bear witness to the devastating floods of Storm Daniel that have already claimed 11,000 lives and over 10,000 missing in Libya, and destroyed the livelihoods of thousands of others.

About 30,000 people have been left homeless, the UN's International Organization for Migration says.

Education International has extended our condolences to the grieving families of teachers and students through our contacts in Libya which include the Libyan Workers Federation.

We call upon the international communities and NGOs to provide the necessary assistance and resources to those affected by the floods. The country has already suffered decades of political turmoil which have set aside investment in infrastructure and quality public services. Such services are always much needed after such natural calamities that particularly impact disadvantaged communities.

This natural disaster also forces us to recognise the urgent need for climate action. Climate change is an existential threat that knows no borders. The most vulnerable populations are always disproportionately impacted despite having done the least to cause climate change. Education International calls again on the international community to redouble efforts to address the root causes of climate change and mitigate its impacts, including in and through education.