Go Public! Leading further and higher education and research for the common good

published 24 October 2023 updated 6 December 2023

The 12th International Further and Higher Education and Research Conference, co-hosted by Education International and its member organisation Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE), is taking place in Mexico City from October 24 to the 26.

The Conference provides a space for member organisations in further and higher education and research to exchange experiences, analyse key issues and emerging trends impacting the workforce in the sector, and discuss ways to address these.

Against the backdrop of post-pandemic recovery, the event sheds light on the current landscape of public financing for further and higher education and research, and the impact of privatisation and commercialisation in the sector. The Conference explores the ongoing and emerging trends specifically impacting teachers, researchers, and other personnel in further and higher education and research and examines the obstacles preventing staff and communities from fully delivering on their public mission.

Running over three full days, the Conference offers a mix of plenary and group discussions, allowing participants to share and discuss union strategies to respond to these challenges through collective action, including in the framework of the EI Go Public! Fund Education campaign.

Watch the livestream here!

Opening ceremony