Forging the education–climate justice connection

A regional consultation and baseline assessment of Asia-Pacific educators’ knowledge gaps and advocacy needs for advancing climate justice in education

published 31 May 2023 updated 10 January 2024
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This study seeks to identify the advocacy and capacity- building needs of Education International Asia Pacific (EIAP) affiliates where the advancement of climate justice is concerned and where climate change education and just transition matters are spotlighted. Our objective is two-fold: (1) to assess the baseline knowledge of EIAP members regarding climate science, justice and policy; and (2) to gather their insights on and recommendations for developing, facilitating, and implementing climate justice policies and measures in schools, trade unions, and beyond.

The findings of this study also serve a programmatic function as they will help pinpoint knowledge gaps and advocacy areas to be targeted and addressed by EIAP’s climate justice programme.