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Union-Connect, digitization (India)

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A robust digital membership and communication platform, accessible through both web and mobile applications.


This project seeks to empower UPPSS to become a strong, democratic, and technologically-equipped union, addressing challenges in the education sector in Uttar Pradesh and contributing to the broader vision of trade union transformation in India.

The long term changes the project aims to achieve are to transform UPPSS into a strong and representative unions with skilled and inclusive leadership and grassroots membership base, equipped with tools and knowledge to effectively engage in social dialogues, has efficient communication and targeted advocacy strategies that enables to inform the members, key stakeholders through the use of technology.


  • Initiate the Digitization project in 20 districts of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Enrolment of all existing union members of the 20 districts into the Union connect System.
  • Orient leaders of the selected districts about the Union Connect system and its features.
  • Conduct blended capacity-building trainings on the use of ICT and Software/portal.
  • Assist the unions in fully digitalising their activities.
  • Guide the union in establishing its social media platforms and communication.
  • Train the union leadership, lead organizers, and representatives of the youth and women’s committees.
  • Develop in cooperation with unions and experts mini-intensive training courses for grassroots members.
  • Develop union membership database with an ambition to link it with dues payment system in longer run.


Expected outcomes:

  • The project aims to address challenges by leveraging the expertise and collaboration of UPPSS.
  • Capacity-building programs will be implemented to enhance the skills and knowledge of union members, fostering effective leadership and member engagement.
  • The integration of technology will be a key component, empowering the union to adapt to the digital economy for improved communication, outreach, and mobilization.
2022 – 2025
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