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PSEUm has identified the following areas for development: Membership recruitment and retention, dues collection 1% of salary, reduced resistance from school owners, teachers' conditions to remain in the profession, building structures in all 22 districts (today 18) a higher representation of women and youth, membership service, developed communication between members, structures and head office.


Targets are set and followed up each year on membership, dues collection, knowledge and capacity, service to members, youth participation, gender, cooperation with employer (ISAMA), CBA at every school, lobby and advocacy for private employees in education, cooperation with TUM and participation in MCTU. A process of formulating a Strategic plan was started in 2023.


School visits for recruitment and retention by the regional and district structures, leadership and gender trainings, meetings for women and youth committees, communication, evaluation and planning meetings, study circle training (starting 2023-2024) meeting ISAMA and lobbying government.


In 2023 PSEUM recruited 1230 new members and lost 276 which gives a total membership of 6622 members.

The financial situation was difficult in 2023, in November the Malawian kwacha was devaluated with 44%, but the organisation managed however to collect 75% of the set target, of these were 27% paid by check of and 73% collected by hand.

In 2023 a MoU was signed by PSEUM and ISAMA, which is a result of many years of advocacy. PSEUM has also lobbyed the government to get more equal conditions for in-service training and other conditions as the public teachers. In 2023 a process of producing a manual for study-circles has started and a ToT will be implemented in April 2024. There are both women and youth committees in the three regions.

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