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Liberia: for-profit wave about to hit public education

published 1 March 2016 updated 2 March 2016

With the government ready to outsource public education to for-profit providers in Liberia, unions are raising their voice against the perilous consequences that this decision could have on access and quality.

Privatisation and commercialisation of public education are a global trend, and the next country on the list seems to be Liberia, with a public-private agreement waiting to be signed shortly in the Ministry of Education.

The national education organisation NTAL, member of Education International (EI), has reacted to the news handing in a written statement that demands a consultation with all parties before taking such a significant step.

The reforms planned behind closed doors between the government and private for-profit education providers, although still in the dark, have disappointed the union because of their “lack of transparency and haste”, the letter states. “A decision that affects the future of Liberia [needs to] be taken after a National Consultative Meeting with all relevant stakeholders in education”.

The union’s request ends with the proposal to open up negotiations within the existing and adopted four-year strategic plan for education, whose aim is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Liberia.