Éducation en situation de crises

published 1 April 2019 updated 1 April 2019
Host organizations
Syndicat national des enseignants africains du Burkina (SNEA-B) and Syndicat national des enseignants du secondaire et du supérieur (SNESS)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Burkina Faso
Start date
1 April 2019
End date
30 September 2019
Crisis zones;Quality Teaching;

This project aims to ensure the continuity of education in areas affected by terrorism and conflict. The project will be divided into 4 phases, the first of which is to have presentations on topics such as the security situation in Burkina Faso, radicalization and practical tips, the respect for human rights in the fight against terrorism, and teaching practices that are useful in crisis situations. The next phase is workshops centered on these topics, followed by plenary sessions. Finally, a WhatsApp group will be created to continue action on this topic. The program lasted for 3 days with a total of 90 participants.


After the program, the participating teachers will be: - familiar with pedagogical strategies that are useful in crisis situations - able to adapt their pedagogy to the diverse situations that are created through insecurity - able to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on the fight against terrorism - able to create exchange frameworks between teachers, technical partners and education authorities to be able to readjust the school year dates as needed - able to rely on the WhatsApp group to share alerts about crisis situations and to keep union leaders up-to-date on the development of crisis situations - trained to be able to protect themselves in case of an attack