Sydalise Dufestin

Sydalise Dufestin is a French teacher at Cambuston secondary school in the east of Reunion Island and an academic trainer. She has co-authored various articles published in Les Cahiers Pédagogiques and in La Revue de Santé Scolaire et Universitaire. The idea for L'Ecole est un jardin. L’Elève, un être en fleur, a book jointly written and published in 2021, sprang from her participation in the 11th French National Education Conference in Rennes in 2018, which was a chance to present various projects related to the environment and education.

Written by Sydalise Dufestin

  1. Climate action and literacy 25 July 2023

    From poetic pedagogy to a poetics of pedagogy

    Diana Léocadie, Sydalise Dufestin

    Pedagogy speaks of children. Poetry is addressed to children – the children we once were. In this alliance of words, it may then be possible to find something still unexplored, or something so simple we have not thought of it. Something that would open new doors or paths by giving...

    From poetic pedagogy to a poetics of pedagogy