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Education International

Press Release 18/2005: Education International announces collaboration with Global Learning Portal to bring online resources to millions more educators worldwide

published 18 December 2005 updated 6 June 2018

Education International, the world’s largest federation of teachers' unions with 29 million members worldwide today announced a partnership with the Global Learning Portal. This powerful online network and set of collaborative tools will benefit teachers, administrators, and education policymakers around the world.

The goal of the Global Learning Portal (www.glp.net) is to connect to educators in underserved and resource-poor countries and regions and give them access to online discussions, professional development, and a library full of materials on teaching, learning, and research from multiple countries and in multiple languages. It is currently located at the Academy for Educational Development (AED), one of its founding members. "Through our partnership with Education International, the resources of the Global Learning Portal will reach millions more educators around the world each day," said Stephen F. Moseley, President of AED. "It will particularly help developing countries meet the challenges set forth by the United Nations in the Framework for Action for Education for All." "Because it provides educators with the very information and resources they need to assist them with their work, we believe the portal will complement the support provided by our existing educational institutions and through our network of affiliates," said Fred van Leeuwen, General Secretary of Education International. "It will prove very beneficial to our members." The Global Learning Portal (GLP) is committed to ensuring 'education of quality' for all children, supported by strong educational institutions and competent teachers with adequate training and resources. It provides material in six major languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish). Education International has 348 affiliates around the world and will participate in the advisory and management structures of GLP. The GLP was founded by the Academy for Educational Development, Sun Microsystems and the U.S. Agency for International Development to be a worldwide asset for teachers and other educators working toward Education for All. It is supported by an alliance of public and private organisations. The Memorandum of Understanding can be consulted on http://data.ei-ie.org/Contents/Document.asp?ID=1214&LogonName=Guest For further information, please contact * Mary Maguire, from GPL (tel: +202-884-8631, Email: [email protected]) * Dominique Marlet, from EI (tel: +32 2 224 0680, Email: [email protected])