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Education International

Rebuilding Aceh and Sri Lanka through Education for All

published 8 March 2006 updated 7 June 2018

Education International is pleased to report that good progress is being made with the development and rebuilding of schools in Aceh and Sri Lanka, the areas which were destroyed by the tsunami of December 2004.

Nicolas Richards, Coordinator of Education International’s Assistance Programmes Unit, recently returned from a mission trip to the regions, where he was able to assess progress being made by the EI/NOVIB Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme. “The progress is not just in the construction of schools. Each building site is respecting the health and safety of construction workers and labour standards are high. Women are also working on the programmes and the programmes are having a positive impact in the communities. “Teachers have been involved through their unions. Parents and students see the real progress being made as their schools are extended and reconstructed.” Further information will be available in the Tsunami Rehabilitation programme newsletter – subscribe by following the link below: