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Botswana: Diploma Course Fails to Produce Graduates in 7 years

published 6 June 2006 updated 6 June 2006

EI affiliate the Botswana Teachers' Union (BTU) has expressed concern that the diploma in Primary Education programme by distance learning introduced by the University of Botswana (UB) in 1999 has yet to produce a graduate.

UB spokesman, Samuel Moribame explained that students have not graduated in the programme because of technical problems.

The BTU has expressed concern over the delay saying it demotivates teachers. "Those who correspond with the University of South Africa have graduated, but they started later than those at the UB," the publicity secretary of BTU Canie Kwante said. He stated that there has been no explanation by UB as to what is happening.

One of the teachers who preferred anonymity said she completed studies under the programme in 2004 but she has not graduated. "It is very frustrating and we are not progressing because of this. Other teachers are by-passing us." she said.

Moribame is however adamant that they have the situation under control. He said the UB is in the process of validating the results of the first two groups in preparation for graduation. "You can rest assured that all students who qualified under any of the distance education programmes offered by the university will in due course receive their academic awards during the graduation ceremonies of the colleges of education," he said. He agreed that there are delays in getting those who have completed the programme to graduate. He stressed that the results will be released once the on-going moderation is completed.

The UB and the Ministry of Education run the Primary Education programme, which was initiated to upgrade primary teacher certificate holders.