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EI participated at Council of Europe's Forum on Higher Education and Democratic Culture, Academic freedom

published 13 July 2006 updated 13 July 2006

EI participated at the Council of Europe's Forum on Higher Education and Democratic Culture 22- 23 June, Strasbourg, France . Participants comprised higher education leaders, student representatives and public policy makers from Europe, North America and other regions of the world.

They adopted a Declaration which calls on higher education leaders and policy makers to subscribe to values and support and advance principles of:

  • Democratic and accountable structures, processes and practice
  • Active democratic citizenship
  • Human rights, mutual respect and social justice
  • Environmental and societal sustainability
  • Dialogue and the peaceful resolution of conflicts

Academic, administrative and technical staff, students and other interested parties are encouraged to

  • Become aware of their responsibilities as educated citizens, for the development of their societies, the values of democracy, human rights and social, environmental and economic sustainability; and
  • Take action in their local as well as in the national and global communities to put these principles into practice...

The Council of Europe will co-ordinate a website through which institutions and associations can highlight, share and promote activities . It is suggested put particular focus on or around 10 December, the International Day of Human Rights, and the day on which the Nobel Prizes are announced.

For more information, please visit the COE's website.