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Education International

STAND UP for the Millenium Development Goals on 15 October

published 26 September 2006 updated 26 September 2006

In support of the United Nations campaign for the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals, EI urges all education workers to take part in the STAND UP action to be held on 15-16 October.

Monitored by the Guinness World Records, the STAND UP challenge will take place between 10.00am (GMT) 15 October and 10.00am (GMT) 16 October. During this time thousands of people will be standing up all over the world. In schools, universities, offices, churches, town halls and at sporting events and concerts. Either join one of these events or gather your friends, colleagues and family and create your own STAND UP event.

For more information the activity, please visit: www.millenniumcampaign.org