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Korea: Teachers join national support network for youths in danger

published 30 October 2006 updated 30 October 2006

EI member organisation, the Korean Federation of Teachers' Association (KFTA) signed an agreement on 20 September to join the national support network for youths in danger.

The network operates a counselling call centre which youths can access by dialing the toll-free number 1388.

KFTA president, YOUN Jong-Gun encourages all teachers to join this project: "Teachers are the ones who know most about these youths and the local community in which they live. They are the ones who are best placed to assist in building a safety net for these youths who need to escape from violence and aggression."

As part of the network, teachers will work with the National Youth Commission to not only assist these youths, but also reduce the level of violence in school and number of dropouts.