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The EI Executive Board met in Brussels from 25-27 October

published 31 October 2006 updated 31 October 2006

The EI Executive Board met in Brussels, Belgium, from 25-27 October and several decisions regarding the various working areas and policies of the organisation as well as the forthcoming 2007 World Congress were made.

A full list of decisions will soon be made public on this website.

Below are a few photos taken during the meeting.

01: On the left, boardmember Jorge Pavez Urrutia (Chile), with Jose Antonio Zepeda Lopez

02: On the left, boardmember Marilies Rettiog (Canada) with boardmember Jerry Bartlett (UK)

03: From left to right: Vice-President Abdulwahed Ibrahim Omar (Nigeria), Vice-President Juçara Maria Dutra Vieira (Brazil), Vice-President Patrick Gonthier (France), Chief Administrative Co-ordinator Charlie Lennon (Ireland), President Thulas Nxesi (South Africa), General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen (Netherlands), Deputy General Secretary Elie Jouen (France).

04: In the foreground, boardmember Branimir Strukelj (Slovenia). In the background, boardmember Abdelaziz Mountassir (Morocco).

05: From left to right: Boardmember Teopista Birungi Mayanja (Uganda), Vice-President Reg Weaver (USA), NEA observer Jill Christianson (USA), Founding President Mary Hatwood Futrell (USA).

06: On the left, Vice-President Patrick Gonthier (France). On the right, Vice-President Susan Hopgood (Australia).

07: On the left, boardmember Yasuo Morikoshi (Japan) with observers from the Japan Teachers' Union (Nikkyoso).

08: From left to right: Mary Chiu Fong-ho from the HKTA (Hong Kong, People's Republic of China), Paul Tsui Hon Kwong from the HKPTU (Hong Kong, People's Republic of China), Yang I-Feng and Liao Wan-Ju from the NTA (Republic of China), Website Co-ordinator Harold Tor (Singapore).

09: On the left, Deputy General Secretary Jan Eastman (Canada) with boardmember Alain Pelissier (Quebec, Canada)