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published 12 December 2006 updated 12 December 2006

The 5th World Congress of Education International will be held in Berlin, Germany, 20-26 July 2007 beginning with Pre-Congress Meetings on Higher Education, Women, LGBT and the Indigenous People’s Forum.

To this end, the EI Secretariat prepares the various triennial reports on EI Aims and Programmes for the Congress.

The report dealing with the situation of women in trade unions, the field of education and in society in general is a very significant report in terms of the EI Equality programme, and preparation of this Triennial Report relies to a great extent on the information contained in the survey.

The survey has been prepared with a view to including recent and relevant data relating to the changes which have taken place since 2004, and significant changes in both questions and format are designed to update and expand the data and to make the survey much easier to complete. For example, Higher Education is included for the first time, as well as specific questions on the education of girls.

A similar format is used in both of the LGBT and Indigenous surveys for ease of completion and analysis. One important section in all three surveys is the last section, designed to elicit feedback. It is the only open-ended question in each survey.

EI values the response from all member organisations and regards it to be of the greatest importance to EI and the report preparation process. While it is practice to ensure that information is as complete as possible by drawing on a range of sources, the fact remains that the most important information for EI comes from member organisations.

However, it is regrettable that since 1998, the year in which the greatest number had been received, responses have decreased. It is for this reason that the EI Status of Women’s Committee (consisting of the female members of the Executive Board) considered changes that would encourage Members to give a high priority to the survey and to respond as quickly as possible.

We would appreciate receiving the completed surveys by 31 January 2007.

These surveys are being sent to you electronically and by mail in the next set of 5th World Congress materials, in the first week of December 2006.

Please return the surveys to :

Christina Drews, Professional Assistant, Human and Trade Union Rights/Equality Unit Email: [email protected] Fax: 32-2-224 0606 Post: Education International, 5 Bd. Du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels, Belgium

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