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Greece: Pan-Hellenic strike on 10 Jan against privatisation of higher education

published 10 January 2007 updated 10 January 2007

EI affiliates Didaskalikeh Omospondia Elladas (DOE) - the Greek Primary Teachers' Federation and the Omospondÿa Leitourgÿn Mÿsehÿ Ekpaÿdeysehÿ (OLME) - the Federation of Secondary School Teachers of Greece, will be participating in a "pan-Hellenic strike" against the privatisation of higher education in the country.

The strike is called by the National Workers' Union of Greece (ADEDY) to protest against government plans to reform higher education.

The government is planning to revise Article 16 of the Constitution concerning in the establishment of private universities. Private higher education institutions are banned from operating in Greece, a law which the present conservative government wants changed to "help boost educational standards and competitiveness".

This is now being challenged by all teacher unions, student bodies as well as public employees, who say that such a move will lead to the increase of education cost for the poor and lowering of education standards.

According to ADEDY, the unions are also striking to ensure that public employees' permanent employment status is not changed.

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