Burundi: STEB gets off to a good start

published 15 May 2007 updated 15 May 2007

From 10 to 13 April 2007, the Free Trade Union of Education Workers (STEB) organised a national 'Training of Trainers' workshop on HIV/AIDS prevention through schools in Bujumbura (Burundi). It was supported by both EI and WHO-AFRO.

Twenty-six representatives from primary and secondary schools in 17 provinces and 7 districts of the Town Council of Bujumbura attended the sessions. Two colleagues from Rwanda facilitated much of the training. This example of south-south cooperation is something which is supported by EI, because it gives unionists an excellent opportunity to benefit from eachothers’ experience and expertise.

The programme covered a variety of issues such as HIV/AIDS and the immune system, sexuality and culture in Burundi. They also completed a number of exercises from the EI/WHO/EDC Exercise Book for HIV Prevention. Most notably, participants developed a training module on HIV prevention for the district trainers.

The provincial and district trainers emerged well equipped with HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and skills to train their colleagues in HIV prevention in their province/district via the cascade training system.

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