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Iran: Abduction of the President of the Vahed Bus Driver's Union

published 12 July 2007 updated 12 July 2007

EI strongly condemned the abduction on 10 July of Mansour Osanloo of the Tehran Workers’ Bus Union, Sherkate Vahed.

Mansour Osanloo President, Vahed Bus Driver's Union

Mr Osanloo was abducted on Tuesday 10 July at 7pm after leaving a Vahed Company bus near his home. Witnesses say he was severely beaten and taken to an unknown destination.

During the week of 18 June, Fred van Leeuwen, General Secretary of EI, and other leaders of international trade unions welcomed Mr. Osanloo at trade union meetings in London and Brussels. They all pledged support to the Sherkate Vahed trade union and Mr. Osanloo himself.

Today, EI joined the solidarity appeal sent out by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) to ask President Ahmadinejad to ensure Mr Osanloo’s safety and immediate release.

EI's letter also refers to the situation of the teacher representatives whose case is still pending before the Iranian courts following the teacher protests of April and May. Teachers and their union representatives were merely requesting fair negotiations and social dialogue.

EI requests the President of Iran to open serious negotiations with the teachers’ representatives on their longstanding request for improved wages and respectable working conditions; and to ensure that, in future, the right of teachers and workers’ organisations to exercise their activities and to hold meetings relating to the conditions of work and economic and social policy be respected.

EI's letter to President Ahmadinejad is available in English and Farsi from the links below.