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Highlights of the video interviews at EI's 5th World Congress

published 26 July 2007 updated 26 July 2007

Here are some videos of the interviews that were filmed during the 5th EI World Congress currently held in Berlin, Germany. Please click twice on the image for the larger version.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Jean Lavaud Frédérick, General Secretary of CNEH Haiti, on the political situation in his country.
  • Secretary General of Fetrasseic Congo, Edouard Nzino, discusses the UN millenenium development goal of Education For All by the year 2015
  • Wouter van der Schaaf, EI Coordinator on the link between HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education For All.
  • Fridolin Mve Messa, General Secretary of SENA Gabon talks about how the EI EFAIDS Programme has benefitted his union members.
  • Dr Ludwig Eckinger, President of VBE Germany, is convinced that a strong global teacher organisation is necessary to protect and strengthen the teaching profession.
  • Musa Okello from NUEI Uganda talks about the global teacher solidarity.
  • Hendrikus Bervoets on Art for AIDS at EI's 5th World Congress.
  • Angela Wijesinghe, General Secretary of ACUT Sri Lanka talks about the importance of the EFAIDS Programme for her country.
  • Réjean Parent, President of CSQ Canada expresses his satisfaction at the condamnation of the anti-union actions of the Quebec government by the ILO.
  • Ernestine Akouavi Akakpo, Togolese teacher and recipient of the 2007 Albert Shanker Education Award.
  • Witney Chávez Sánchez , President of FECODE Colombia talks about the human and trade union rights violations in his country.
  • Amanda Rincón Suarez, Secretary of Social Assistance at FECODE Colombia talks about receiving the Mary Hatwood Futrell Human and Trade Union Award on behalf of her colleagues, Samuel Morales and Raquel Castro.

For more EI videos, please visit our Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/EduInternational