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International Day of Action in solidarity with Iranian union leaders

published 9 August 2007 updated 9 August 2007

Today, 9th August, is the ITF/ITUC International Action Day in solidarity with union leaders Mansour Osanloo and Mahmoud Salehi.

Last month, as EI reported, Osanloo was severely beaten and taken to an unknown destination. Osanloo and his Tehran bus drivers’ union has seen meetings brutally broken up and he and his supporters repeatedly jailed and beaten over the last two years.

Today will mark one year exactly since Osanloo was released after an earlier period of imprisonment.

Mahmoud Salehi, co founder of the Saqez Bakery Workers’ Association and the Coordinating Committee to Form Workers’ Organisations, has been jailed for asserting the right to undertake the legal trade union activities guaranteed by Iran’s signing of ILO (International Labour Organization) conventions.

For further details, and to participate in the Day of Action, visit the IFT’s website: www.itfglobal.org/solidarity/freeosanloo.cfm