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Argentina: Carlos Fuentealba remembered

published 10 October 2007 updated 10 October 2007

Teachers in Argentina joined a national strike convened by EI affiliate CTERA on October 4th to demand that those responsible for the assassination of Carlos Fuentealba be brought to justice.

Fuentealba was shot by a police officer during a peaceful demonstration by teachers in the state of Neuquén, on April 4th. The violent repression against teachers was the response of the local authorities to the demands of education workers for better working conditions and for greater budgetary allocations for public education.

Fuentealba had dedicated 23 years of his life to public education and to the trade union movement.

Six months after his assassination, teachers throughout Argentina joined once again to march to the National Congress and to call for and end to police impunity. On May 23rd the National Campaign against Impunity was launched.

Currently, the police officer who shot Fuentealba is indicted. CTERA demands that the authorities who gave the order to use violence to repress the demonstration be held responsible for his death.

Education International adds to the voice of teachers in Argentina in their call for justice, democracy and, above all, an end to the repression of the social movement.