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Global Campaign for Education 3rd World Assembly & upcoming Global Action Week

published 9 April 2008 updated 9 April 2008

Diplomats, activists and educational sector representatives gathered for the Global Campaign for Education’s (GCE) 3rd World Assembly in January to work to advance Education For All (EFA). Unions, teachers, students and parents will continue this advocacy at grassroots level during the upcoming Global Action Week in April.

The 3rd World Assembly took place midway to the Education For All (EFA) deadline of 2015 set at Dakar in 2000. The Assembly, held in Sao Paolo from 22nd-24th January 2008, recognised progress to date but stressed that accelerated action on EFA is crucial to meeting the 2015 target. Commitments by developing countries need to be matched by funds from the international community and in particular the G8 countries.

The event, inaugurated by Brazilian minister Luiz Dulci, provided a forum for discussion, debate and produced pledges for renewed action. On the final day, Vernor Muñoz Villalobos, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education launched the Global School Report. Assibi Napoe and Gaston De la Haye from Education International were elected to the Board, with the former to serve as the Chair. EI looks forward to continuing in partnership with the GCE to make Education For All a global priority and work towards the 2015 target.

Global Action Week (GAW), an important date on the EFA calendar is fast approaching and EI urges all members to lobby for universal education in their countries and regions. Spanning 21st – 27th April, Global Action Week is a great opportunity to introduce EFA to a wider audience. It is not too late to take action – EI sent out promotional material to all affiliates and additional resources can be found in the link below. Incorporate this material into your own ideas to come up with a specific Global Action Week campaign in your school or area. Short on ideas?....take inspiration from around the world.

In Costa Rica, a coalition of EI affiliates will mark GAW with a political visit, a 30 minute student-led lesson and features on a radio show the day before the World’s Biggest Lesson. Meanwhile in Malaysia, EI affiliates have partnered with the national Human Rights Commission to host seminars on EFA for students, and their focus for this year will be indigenous parents and children. In Nigeria primary and secondary students will participate in an essay competition on the EFA theme and there will be roundtable discussions, Fun Walks and Open Days at schools across the country.

Don’t forget to send us reports and photos of your Global Action Week successes so we can continue the momentum on EFA.

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