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Education International

Algeria: Teachers on hunger strike

published 12 August 2008 updated 12 August 2008

Education International (EI) has sent a message of solidarity to its affiliates in Algeria regarding the 35 teachers on hunger strike since 15 July 2008.

The hunger strikers, all of whom are contract teachers, are protesting against the increasing job insecurity of the teaching sector. According to the unions there has been no direct recruitment since 1995 and contract or ‘casual’ teachers will soon outnumber permanent teachers. The hunger strikers are requesting the regularization of the professional situation of 40,000 teachers, some of whom have been in this precarious position for 14 years. They are also protesting against the non-payment of salaries. In some cases the teachers are owed more than three years back pay.

Despite their worsening health and concerns for their well being, the hunger strikers are determined to continue their action until the government agrees to sit down in meaningful talks with them over the future of the sector.