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Education International

Invest in education to mitigate economic crisis, EI leaders say

published 26 March 2009 updated 26 March 2009

Members of EI's Executive Board discussed a wide range of issues, in particular the emerging impact of the global economic crisis on public education around the world. Expressing concern that it will be a deep and lengthy crisis, the Board reaffirmed the importance of significant investment in quality public services to help meet the needs of millions of people who have lost their jobs and homes.

Members from developing countries emphasized the injustice inherent to the current reality, and predicted that the wealthy countries which created the crisis will be able to rebuild their economies more quickly, while people in developing countries will suffer more.

Board members also spoke of the need for unity across the union movement and greater solidarity around the world. They agreed upon the paramount importance of the industrialised nations maintaining development aid and resolved to lobby their respective governments not to cut aid funding. During the three days of meetings in Brussels 24-26 March, the Executive Board members also confirmed plans to host a World Conference on Women in May 2010 in Malaysia, discussed a paper for a policy on inclusive education, and received reports on public-private partnerships in education and on early childhood education.