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Indian union recommends more practical teacher training

published 20 September 2009 updated 20 September 2009

EI affiliate, the All India Primary Teacher’s Federation published a study on the effectiveness of in-service training for primary teachers in two of the country’s states. Research was carried out in Bihar and Tamil Nadu, the third and seventh most populous states in the country.

Within the context of the study, AIPTF draws attention to the vastly different rate of completion of primary education between the two states. In Tamil Nadu, 84 percent of children complete primary education, compared to a mere 42 percent in Bihar.

A survey of in-service training programmes showed thatwhile most teachers considered the content to be adequate, the majority felt the style was not participatory and did not favour interaction. Teachers also felt that the failure to provide learning material during the course affected the impact and success. Both Tamil Nadu and Bihar teachers expressed concern that no scheme exists to ensure teachers are replaced while participating in the training. With training lasting an average of 20 days, teachers believed that, “learning of their students was affected adversely”. Teachers from Bihar felt that while the content was largely relevant to them, it was not easily translated to the classroom setting.

AIPTF recommends that state authorities review the duration of training and examine possibilities increasing accessibility by providing school-based training to interested teachers.

For more information about the study, please write to [email protected] or visit the EFAIDS webpage.