Education International
Education International

Teachers Worldwide Express Solidarity with US Public Employees

published 18 February 2011 updated 18 February 2011

Teachers around the globe are deeply concerned about efforts to strip educators and other public employees of fundamental trade union rights.

EI supports its affiliates in the United States, AFT and NEA, in their vigorous campaign to fight retrogressive legislation that would deny state employees, including teachers, collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin and in Idaho, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana and elsewhere.

"This short-sighted Bill would not only damage the livelihoods and job security of thousands of workers and their families but would also undermine the quality and cohesion of public services", EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen said in a statement.

EI invites the authorities to engage in comprehensive and sustainable dialogue with the teacher organisations to enable an environment in which the fundamental rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining are guaranteed. As a prominent member of the international community, the United States of America should uphold well-established rules of international law.

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