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ELearning Africa’s reshaped news portal enhances education opportunities

published 8 April 2011 updated 12 April 2011

The website features new social media links, improved site navigation and enhanced multimedia to provide readers with the most relevant news and information in the field of ICT for Development and Education in Africa.

The portal covers issues such as the eBook market in Kenya, mobile training solutions for farmers in Uganda, how computer labs are provided for South African students, or in-depth information on China’s investment in the African telecom sector.

The publisher of the eLearning Africa News Portal, Rebecca Stromeyer, said: “The relaunch of our news portal takes eLearning Africa to the next level in digital technology. ELearning Africa will continue to be one of the main sources of information on learning opportunities in conjunction with technologies such as computers, the Internet, mobile devices and audiovisual media in Africa.”

EI chief regional coordinator, Assibi Napoe, said: “We as educators are always on the look-out to learn more about teaching and learning opportunities brought to us by ICT. I have no doubt that colleagues in Africa, as well as worldwide, will find that the eLearning portal represents a great tool for teachers to find resources to use in the classroom.”

EI also welcomes the holding of the 6th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training to take place 25-27 May at the Mlimani City Conference Centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. EI invites its affiliates in the region to participate in this premier pan-African networking event designed to connect ICT experts from all sectors and levels throughout Africa and beyond.

To know more about eLearning Africa, please go to www.ela-newsportal.com.