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Cameroon: Strike action to protest at broken government promises

published 16 February 2012 updated 17 February 2012

One of EI’s national affiliates, the Fédération Camerounaise des Syndicats de l'Education(FECASE), has joined other education unions supported by the Public Sector Union Confederation (CSP) calling for a strike in the basic and secondary education sectors on 14-17 February. Trade Unionists condemn the government’s attitude, saying it is not adhering to promises made in an agreement signed with education unions’ leaders on 6 February.

In a joint declaration, FECASE General Secretary, Thobie Mbassi Ondoa, deplored that the exact amount and payment deadlines of bonuses for documentation and research to be given to educators have not yet been decided by national authorities.

Another EI national affiliate, the Fédération des Syndicats de l'Enseignement et de la Recherche(FESER), called for members not to support the action, because in its judgment the Government had given a firm commitment to the payment.

Respect promises

EI General Secretary, Fred van Leeuwen, said: “We urge the Government of Cameroon to respect promises set out in the signed agreement, and negotiate in good faith with trade unions. Educators must be given decent salaries and good working conditions in order to be able to deliver quality education.”

Reacting to reports of a string of trade union rights violations in Cameroon, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) General Secretary, Sharan Burrow, recently reminded national authorities that “the right to organise, the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike are fundamental to a healthy democracy.”