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Education International

New Worlds of Education: Challenging hostile ideologies in the crisis

published 3 April 2012 updated 4 April 2012

The economic crisis is being used to justify the complete deregulation and privatisation of public services in order to reduce costs. Widespread cuts in expenditure on public education are damaging both quality and equality of access to education, as well as undermining the status of teachers and teaching. Read more in the latest edition of Worlds of Education!

Read about the EI analysis of the crisis and solutions teacher trade unions have to offer! Some highlights include:

  • Turning the crisis around: Hope for change from Global Trade Unionism; by Jim Baker, Council of Global Unions
  • Spain: public education under attack; by Mar Candela, Education International
  • Ohio: the battleground for workers’ rights, by Staci Maiers, National Education Association (NEA), USA
  • Multinational’s tax avoidance schemes undermine quality public services; by Guntars Catlaks, Education International
  • European educators campaign against the crisis; by Claude Carroué, Education International

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