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Take action to support quality public services now!

published 22 June 2012 updated 27 June 2012

On 23 June, World Public Services Day, EI is joining the global trade union federation, Public Services International (PSI), in celebrating and promoting quality public services worldwide. Public services, including education, are key to building civil societies where people work together for the benefit of the whole community.

As governments impose deep cuts in public services globally, trade union members and activists must seize the occasion to galvanise communities into taking solidarity actions and speaking out together in favour of public services and public service workers around the world.

In this context, the Council of Global Unions, of which EI is a member, has issued a special challenge and call to action for this year’s World Public Services Day. The primary focus of the day this year is fair taxes. Therefore, trade unions around the world are invited to speak out in support of a global financial transactions tax.

Some of the actions suggested to support quality public services are:

  • Signing the Geneva Charter on Public Services here
  • Distributing information about how a financial transactions tax (FTT) would work, and how the funds raised could address inequality, poverty and climate change if it is invested in quality public services
  • Promote the Quality Public Services – Action Now! campaign with a mass Twitter action on 23 June. Help to generate thousands of tweets of support for the FTT from around the world. Please encourage those tweeting to include #QPSActionNow and #FTT in their messages

EI firmly believes that quality public services are essential to provide equal access to education, to ensure equal opportunities for ordinary people, and to support a sustainable economy in a sustainable environment.

For more information on which actions you can take to support quality public services, please go to the Geneva Charter on Quality Public Services