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Education unions fight for tax justice

published 12 June 2013 updated 14 June 2013

EI has called on its affiliates and all concerned citizens to take action for tax justice by signing a statement from the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ). EI believes that there is an increasing appreciation that tax avoidance by big corporations undermines public spending and equality in both developed and developing countries.

Working together across borders, the GATJ partners, of which EI is a member, support each other in a variety of tax justice campaigns. These campaigns have focused on ending tax havens, tax avoidance and corruption. Other initiatives have sought to introduce progressive tax systems – including financial transactions taxes - that are enforced and curb speculation.

The statement with the list of signatories will be publicised in the third week of June, in connection with World Public Services Day on 23 June, and be shared with government leaders at upcoming G8 and G20 meetings.

The fair share commitment

The key demands in the declaration are:

·         Tax justice must be put into action to end poverty, inequality and climate change.

·         Multinational corporations, financiers and the very rich must pay their fair share of taxes.

·         National and international systems that support tax avoidance and tax havens must be stopped.

·         Governments must enforce fair, progressive and transparent tax administration.

·         The people of every country must receive a fair share of public services and social protection.

“In signing this declaration, we call on world and community leaders, organisations and people to join together to take action – we demand that governments deliver tax justice now,” says EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen in the circular sent to member organisations.

Sign the declaration online here!

The EI study, “Global Corporate Taxation and Resources for Quality Public Services”, can be read in its entirety here