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EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review – September 2013

published 28 October 2013 updated 30 October 2013

There are signs of fragile economic recovery, but economic growth is unlikely to be sustained unless it is inclusive and job rich, especially while labour market and social conditions remain extremely challenging and divergence between countries is growing

-              The EU is struggling with many challenges:

•             High unemployment has already led to all-time high long-term unemployment.

•             Large job destruction has aggravated low employment.

•             In the same time precarious employment has increased and in labour mismatches occurred with the rise of structural unemployment.

•             The group of young people not in education, employment and training (NEET) expanded but due to acute unemployment.

•             Poverty and social exclusion has increased, following rise in jobless households and rise in in-work poverty, and household incomes have declined.


EU Employment and Social Situation - Special Edition: Annual Review – September