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ETUCE Final Conference on the Teaching Profession, Berlin

published 8 November 2013 updated 8 November 2013

The Final conference of the ETUCE project: “The development of the teaching profession in times of the economic crisis as a key task for social partners in education. Finding joint strategies to tighten the links between education and the labour market.” is to be held in Berlin on 13-14 November 2013.

It will be a stimulating conference with experts from the education sector and participants from ETUCE and EFEE member organisations and the European Commission.

The final conference will give stakeholders in the teaching profession an opportunity to discuss key tasks and joint strategies to improve the status and attractiveness of the teaching profession in countries all over Europe. By focusing on the consequences and impact of the crisis it has become clearer which areas in the teaching profession needed to be addressed and improved in order to regain the good perception of our teachers in Europe.

The main project findings will be presented at the conference and participants will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate these findings. The conference will also be an opportunity to look forward on possible measures to take from different levels to strengthen the teaching profession.

ETUCE is looking forward to some exciting days in Berlin and to present the outcome from almost a year of hard work on this crucial topic. Most important is that the conference will give us the possibility to find follow-up initiatives for the further work of the social partners to improve one of the most important professions in our time.