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ETUCE Final Conference on ICT, Bratislava

published 8 November 2013 updated 8 November 2013

The ICT&ESL Final Conference ‘Teacher Trade Unions Preventing Early School Leaving through the Use of Information and Communication Technology in Education’,will be held in Bratislava on 28-29 November 2013.

Advocate for the provision of quality education, in particular as regards the EU2020 Process, was defined as a clear goal by the 2012 ETUCE – EI European Region Conference defined in light of the austerity-driven budget cuts in the education sector. This aim links directly to the global EI initiative Unite for Quality Education– Better Education for a Better World which seeks to ensure that universal, free quality education remains at the top of the political agenda for a sustainable future.

The EU 2020 Strategy has set, amongst other priorities, the target to reduce the school drop-out rate below 10% and to raise by 40% the rate of 30-34 year olds completing third level education. Within this context, the ICT&ESL project seeks to enhance learning through ICT and to identify concrete ways of how innovative pedagogic use of ICT can help especially to motivate/(re-)attract potential drop-outs back to school. Focusing on the crucial role of teacher unions, the project wishes to determine the specific skills/competences that teachers need to integrate a favorable use of ICT in class and to analyse how teachers can support the potential of ICT to bridge the gap between what pupils experience and learn at home and what they learn in compulsory education.

Above all, the project seeks to develop concrete guidelines for stakeholders in education on the innovative use of ICT in education in support of the prevention of early school leaving.

Experts on the pedagogic use of ICT in education and on early school leaving will share their expertise with the audience. Building on the findings of four case studies in upper secondary schools and teacher education institutions in Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark and Azerbaijan and the outcome of the project workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to exchange union strategies/good practices and discuss their transferability to other national contexts. Most importantly, the participants will be invited to validate and discuss the practical recommendations for stakeholders in education on the innovative use of ICT in education in support of the prevention of early school leaving.

If you haven’t registered yet, there are still seats available for Member Organisations’ representatives.

Please contact the ETUCE Secretariat to register.