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Education International

The reality of teachers miles away from picture painted by stereotypes

published 9 December 2013 updated 10 December 2013

A number of recent reports published by Eurydice demonstrate that the reality of teachers do not match the rosy picture that is painted by stereotypes.

Key Data on Education in Europe displays that in recent years, the education and training sector in Europe has recorded the most significant fall in tertiary graduate rates compared to other disciplines. The  Teachers’ and School Heads’ Salaries report shows that the primary and secondary teachers' entrance level statutory salaries are lower than national per capita GDP in most European countries. The National Sheets on Education Budgets in Europe 2013 provide the most recent data on planned education expenditure in European countries. National education budgets are presented by type of expenditure and level of education. The publication makes it possible to identify changes in education budgets between 2012 and 2013. Moreover, the national sheets address the reasons for changes in the budget.